13 Signs & Causes Of Spiritual Awakening

A significant shift in awareness that causes you to question the nature of reality, your existence, and the interconnection of all things are typical causes of spiritual awakening.

Spirituality is an increasing awareness of the present moment, it can result in feelings of inner serenity, clarity, and newly discovered purpose of life.

While everyone’s journey towards spiritual awakening is unique, you may feel a strengthening sense of inner connectedness, increased empathy and compassion for others, and an awareness of the transcendent or divine connection.

People around the globe characterise spiritual awakening as a deeply transforming and freeing experience, creating major life opportunities for personal development, healing, and self-discovery, despite the first feelings of confusion or discomfort that may accompany the process.

Sometimes, existential crises can cause a person to deeply reevaluate their place in the universe and their relationship to something bigger than themselves, regardless of whether they are brought on by outside life-changing events or inward reflection.

Similar to this, mental health crises or times of extreme emotional turmoil can act as a wake-up call, encouraging you to explore your inner self and look for spiritual comfort and healing.

The spiritual awakening process is also referred to as enlightenment or dark night of the soul. Let’s explore the causes of spiritual awakening.

What are the signs of a spiritual awakening?

While each person’s experience and process of awakening distinctively, there are some common ones that you may encounter throughout this life-changing experience. Research indicates that approximately 20% of individuals will have a deep spiritual experience at some point in their lives.

  1. You can have an increased sensitivity to your feelings and the environment around you. You may find that little things that have never bothered you in the past suddenly become very important or overwhelming.
  2. You may begin to wonder about the purpose of life and your existence. You might have a strong desire to learn more about spiritual beliefs and look for greater meaning in life.
  3. You may occasionally experience a feeling of detachment from the people and your old life.
  4. Certain relationships or hobbies that don’t align with your changing self-image may feel like you’re outgrowing them.
  5. You can have a great desire to develop within and become a better person. Exercises like yoga, meditation, or journaling, spiritual practices may appeal to you as a means of spiritual growth and self-discovery.
  6. You can begin to notice significant coincidences or synchronicities in your daily life.
  7. Perhaps you experience a stronger bond with the environment around you and want to spend more time in nature.
  8. Having vivid dreams. According to some experts, dreams can provide us with insight into our unconscious feelings, desires, and beliefs.
  9. Possessing a greater degree of intuition and being able to detect trickery or deception.
  10. Becoming highly conscious of bodily sensations, having heightened senses, or experiencing other physical symptoms like fatigue.
  11. You will feel driven to help others, whether they be people, animals, or the environment, once you realise the intrinsic value and equality of all living things.
  12. As you go through the process of awakening, you realise that spiritual teachers appear when you need them. They could be a kind stranger you meet in a store, a new friend you meet by chance, or even a religious person who holds symbolic meaning.
  13. Several physical symptoms, such as exhaustion and mental fog, can also coincide with causes of spiritual awakenings.

Remember that each person goes through causes of spiritual awakening uniquely, and it’s acceptable to follow it at your own pace. As you proceed on your spiritual path, have faith in the process and give yourself permission to explore and develop.

Causes of Spiritual Awakening

Causes of Spiritual awakening may include a wide range of experiences, from significant life-altering incidents to very subtle changes in the state of consciousness.

Significant life experiences, such as losing a loved one, being diagnosed with a serious disease, or getting divorced, can rock a person’s worldview and force them to reassess their priorities, values, and beliefs, triggering a spiritual awakening.

A person’s spiritual journey may also be sparked by traumatic events or near-death encounters, inspiring people to look for greater purpose and insight into hardship.

Let’s explore deeply the causes of spiritual awakening;


Trauma can lead to a spiritual awakening. Having survived a horrific event may cause you to reflect on your life and look for meaning and healing outside of this world. You could find that meditation helps you deal with the emotional fallout and achieve inner peace following an auto accident.

Spiritual activities and meditation

Awakening can also be accessed through spiritual activities and meditation. Attending mindfulness workshops or spending time in solitude might help you progressively become more aware of the deeper truths about the universe and yourself. Regular yoga practice, for instance, may help you get a profound understanding of how you are interconnected with all living things.

Psychedelic experience

Psychedelic experience can be one of the major causes of spiritual awakening. A psychedelic drug like LSD or psilocybin mushrooms may cause a significant shift in awareness and provide you with new perspectives on the nature of reality. For example, you can experience heightened spirituality and a closer connection to the earth following a transformative ceremony.

Reading spiritual books and articles

Awakening can also be aided by reading spiritual books and articles. Devoting yourself to reading motivational books or investigating teachings from diverse traditions may pique your interest in learning more about yourself. Reading the writings of spiritual masters such as Eckhart Tolle, for example, may lead to epiphanies and deep realisations.

An existential crisis

An existential crisis, marked by deep inquiries into the purpose of being, might be one of the profound causes of spiritual awakening. Accepting life’s uncertainty and fleetingness may inspire you to look for more profound realities and spiritual insight. For example, you may find yourself on a spiritual path searching for meaning and purpose if you are struggling with existential problems following a personal loss.

Near-Death Experience

An NDE (near-death experience) has the potential to be a powerful awakening catalyst. A life-threatening event might cause a significant change in priorities and points of view. For instance, following a near-death experience, you can get a greater understanding of how interwoven everything is and a renewed sense of gratitude for life.

Meditation and prayer

Meditation and prayer are effective causes of spiritual awakening. Making time for prayer and contemplative activities can facilitate your connection to a higher power and your innermost self. Following some time spent in prayer and introspection, you might feel at peace and have a clear understanding of your life’s mission.

Spontaneous awakening

Finally, some persons seem to have a spontaneous awakening without any apparent cause. Their awareness seems to grow on its own, resulting in a more profound comprehension of both the outside world and themselves. For example, following some peaceful time spent reflecting, you can have an overwhelming sense of clarity and oneness with everything.

These are some causes triggering a spiritual awakening, though each person can have different reasons for experiencing a spiritual awakening, its purpose is the same for everyone and that is the discovery of your profound consciousness.

7 Stages of Spiritual Awakening

The spiritual seeker can experience awakening in a moment but the entire process of spiritual awakening takes time, depending on the person spiritually awakened;

The Awakening- 1st Stage

As the spiritual crisis happens, you may start questioning your every belief and opinion, clearing out old attachments, and belongings and readjusting and making room for new beliefs, people and belongings to come into your life. You may feel confused, lost and down. You might feel something specific is missing in your life but you cannot figure it out yet.

Dark Night of the Soul- 2nd Stage

Often called the “dark night of the soul,” the second stage of spiritual awakening is just what it sounds like an extremely difficult time that may be the lowest point of the path. Your soul goes through a deep reset during this period, removing layers of the ego.

Even though it’s challenging, hitting rock bottom can act as a catalyst for true transformation by forcing you to make significant and long-lasting adjustments.

The Exploration- 3rd Stage

The third stage is constructing your awakened life, which you begin after rising from the abyss of your dark night of the soul.  It’s now about discovery and experimentation. You welcome this stage by exploring a range of pursuits, passions, and interpersonal connections, allowing yourself to try different points of view and experiences.

Every endeavour—whether it’s taking up a new hobby, learning a different spiritual practice, or making new friends—serves as a step towards realising who you truly are. As you find what truly speaks to your soul, this phase is marked by openness and curiosity.

True Nature Embodiment – 4th Stage

You move from recognition to a profound respect and embodiment of your true self throughout this phase. It means valuing and bringing your innate abilities, aptitudes, and skills to life. As you move through this process of self-discovery and spiritual growth, you become more in tune with your inner self, which cultivates a sense of harmony and purpose.

Soul Building- 5th Stage

The fifth stage, sometimes referred to as the “Soul Sessions,” is a difficult procedure that takes time and patience. Here, you’re building your life from the ground up to enable the expression of your actual essence. During this stage, you will probably need to try out different approaches and see which ones work best for you.

You find the practices and procedures that speak to your true self during this time of soul healing and growth. Years or even decades may pass throughout this journey as you develop routines and systems that support your inner self.

The Surrender- 6th Stage

It’s a significant turning point in your journey towards openness and alignment with your truth when you break any last shackles of the ego. By now, you have travelled far within, peeling back the layers of your identity to reach your soul’s core. You’ve worked hard to create a way of life that aligns with your core beliefs and goals.

But in the middle of all of this change, there might be lingering remnants from previous relationships, perspectives, or behaviours that no longer serve your best good. This stage is not just about giving up power; it’s also about letting go of control and giving in to life’s course, your soul’s wisdom, and the limitless opportunities that lie ahead of you as you bravely take charge of your destiny.

The more you surrender, the more you will be raised.

_ Mehwish Qurayshi


Awareness and Service- Final Stage

All the hell that you have been through will be paid off exponentially with peace contentment and serenity in your life.

This stage is a heightened consciousness state in which one experiences a keen awareness of their divinity at all times. It’s a graceful, clear condition of being in which one moves through life with ease and is aware of how everything is interconnected.

Living a life of service to others becomes a natural manifestation of one’s awakened consciousness at this point, rather than just a decision. There’s a profound awareness that one gets authentic fulfilment and connects with their actual purpose when one serves others.

Serving others is now seen as a chance to show love, compassion, and understanding for other living things rather than as duties.

How long does the spiritual awakening process take?

There is a wide variation in how long a spiritual awakening lasts. It may happen gradually over several months or years, or it may happen suddenly and intensely in a shorter amount of time. Its duration is influenced by elements such as the ability to adapt, the strength of triggers, and the availability of assistance.

Spiritual awakening is viewed as a continuous process of growth and transformation rather than a destination. There’s no time limit; it’s personal to each individual. While some people might make major progress more slowly, others might make significant breakthroughs faster. In the end, it’s a very personal process with no set timeframe that develops at its speed.

How To Navigate Spiritual Awakening?

Here are some tips from my personal experience to help you deal with this tough process;

  1. Make time for reflection and self-analysis. Consider your experiences, values, and beliefs to obtain an understanding of your spiritual path.
  2. To remain mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and environment, practise present-moment awareness. You can handle the highs and lows of awakening with more comfort and clarity if you practise mindfulness.
  3. Make connections with spiritual coaches or mentors, teachers, or like-minded people who can provide perspective, support, and assistance on your journey.
  4. Be receptive to evolving and changing. Accept the process of letting go of outdated behaviours and viewpoints that no longer benefit you and make room for fresh perspectives.
  5. Give yourself the attention you need to maintain your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Make time for joyful and reviving pursuits like meditation, physical activity, and time spent in nature.
  6. Have faith in the understanding of your inner guidance and the progression of your spiritual awakening or enlightenment. Give yourself over to life’s current course and have faith that you are on the correct path towards enlightenment.
  7. Include your spiritual experiences and insights into your day-to-day activities. Seek methods to live out your newly discovered consciousness and synchronise your actions with your spiritual goals and objectives.
  8. Keep an open mind and a curious nature while you investigate various spiritual practices, viewpoints, and beliefs. Give yourself permission to change and develop, and be open to exploring new ideas and perspectives on reality and spirituality.



What are the major causes of spiritual awakening?

Major causes of spiritual awakening include profound life events (birth, death, illness), deep introspection, meditation, psychedelic experiences, near-death experiences, encounters with spiritual teachers, existential crises, and intense emotional upheavals. These catalysts prompt individuals to question existence, seek meaning, and explore deeper truths, leading to spiritual awakening.

What can trigger a spiritual awakening?

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