How to Choose the Best Conversation Games for your group

Conversation games
Conversation Games

I was excited about the casual meetup with my long-distance friends or cousins after a long time. Still, I felt completely tired of indulging in the usual hello/hi and boring conversation styles. 

I also wanted to enjoy their company by creating something new to share with my guests. So, I made a list of the best conversation games to spark our meeting moments. 

I searched online and listed the best conversation games. I confined it to my friends and cousins and made it a complete package by selecting exciting games for kids, couples, partners, online, family conversational gatherings, etc. 

I had a great time playing these games with my friends at my place. They enjoyed these fun conversation games, and before they left my place, they asked me to share my list with them.

On a typical day, when I was doing my routine chores, the idea came to mind: why not share this list with my social and global friends? So here it is!

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Conversation Games for Friends to Spark Engaging Discussions

Here  is a list of my favorite conversation starter games or talking games:

1. Two Truths and a Lie

It’s a classic game that friends and family can play once. Each person takes turns mentioning three statements about themselves, two true and one a lie. The other participants tried to guess which statement was a lie.

2. Would you rather…

This game is a fun way to get people thinking and talking. They take turns posing “would you rather” questions that force other players to choose between two complex or silly options.

3. Never have I ever

It is a fun game for breaking the ice and learning something new about the people in your company. Players take turns making statements about things they’ve never done, and anyone who has done that thing must sip their drink (or forfeit a point).

4. The alphabet game

This simple but fun game can be played with any number of people. Choose a category, such as foods, movies, or celebrities. Then, take turns naming something in that category that starts with the following letter of the alphabet. The first person to hesitate or repeat a word loses.

5. Superlative game

This game is an exciting way to get people talking about their opinions and perspectives. They take turns asking interesting questions about superlatives, such as “Who is the funniest person in this room?” or “What is the best movie ever made?”

6. Story continues

This is a fun and creative game that can be played with many people. One person starts a story; then, each person takes turns adding a sentence or two to continue the story. The goal is to create a funny, interesting, or unexpected tale together. LOL!

7. Role-playing

In this game, people must step outside their comfort zone and see the world differently. You can take turns choosing roles, such as historical figures, celebrities, or fictional characters. Then, have a conversation as if you were those characters. 

8. Debate

start a conversation to play with friends on which you and your friends have differing opinions. Then, have a friendly and healthy debate about it. The goal is not to win but to learn more about each other’s perspectives.

9. Backward storytelling

It is a fun twist on the traditional storytelling game. One person starts a story by telling the end. Then, each person takes turns adding a sentence or two to the story, going backward.

10. The Desert Island Game

This thought-provoking game sparks discussions about what’s truly valuable. Imagine you’re stranded on a deserted island. Each person gets to choose three items they’d bring with them. The discussions can get interesting as people justify their choices and reveal their priorities.

Conversation Games for Couples 

1. The Compliment Chain

In this fun game, people take turns complimenting each other. You can’t repeat a compliment already given, making it fun to dig deep and appreciate each other’s unique qualities. 

2. Fond Memory Lane

Each person pulls out a random object from a bag (or a virtual object if playing at home) and uses it as a prompt to share a special memory you have together. It can be funny, romantic, or heartwarming.

3. The Honeymoon Game

Plan your dream honeymoon together! Discuss destinations, activities, must-haves, and anything else that sparks excitement with your partner. It’s a fun way to explore plans and dreams together.

4. The “Finish the Sentence” Game

Couples start sentences about their relationship, dreams, or funny hypotheticals. The other person finishes the sentence, leading to unexpected and revealing conversation twists.

5. The “Love Language” Quiz

Research the five love languages (words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, physical touch) and take a quiz together. Discuss your results and how you can better express love in ways your partner appreciates.

6. The “This or That” Game

Create your own “this or that” questions tailored to your relationship. Examples: “Beach vacation or mountain getaway?” or “Comedy night or fancy dinner?” It’s a lighthearted way to learn about each other’s preferences.

7. The “Gratitude Jar” Game

Write down things you appreciate about your partner and each other on paper. Take turns picking a note throughout the week and sharing why you’re grateful for that quality or action.

8. The “Backwards Compatibility” Game

Imagine you’ve met at a different time. Discuss how you’d find each other, what would attract you, and how your relationship might unfold in that setting. It’s a creative way to explore the foundation of your connection.

9. The “Dinnertime Debate” Game

Choose a lighthearted debate topic (pineapple on pizza? Best movie genre?) and playfully argue your sides throughout dinner. It keeps things lively and playful while offering a glimpse into how you handle disagreements.

10. The “Dream Team” Game

Discuss upcoming events, challenges, or goals. Brainstorm solutions and strategies together, highlighting each other’s strengths and how you can support each other as a team.

Conversation Games for Kids to Spark Engaging Discussions

1. Would You Rather… (Kid Edition)

Think up silly or thought-provoking “would you rather” questions geared towards kids’ interests. For example: “Would you rather have feathers or fur?” or “Would you rather fly like a bird or swim like a fish?”

2. I Spy… With a Twist

Play a classic game of I Spy, but instead of describing an object, describe its sound or function. This challenges kids to think creatively and use their listening skills.

3. Storytelling Charades

One person acts out a scene from a story (without speaking!), while others guess the story. This is a fun way to combine storytelling with acting and guessing fun games.

4. The “Robinson Crusoe” Challenge 

It’s similar to the Desert Island game but with a kid-friendly twist. Imagine you’re stranded on a deserted island with limited supplies. Each player gets to choose three things they’d bring to survive and explain why they’d need them.

5. The “Superpower Swap” Game

Talk about superpowers! Each person chooses a superpower they’d like to have. Then, take turns explaining how you’d use those powers to help others or have fun.

6. The “Mystery Bag” Game

Fill a bag with various interesting objects (a toy car, a pinecone, a button, etc.). Take turns reaching in unquestioningly and describing the object using only touch. Others can guess the object based on the description.

7. Finish the Rhyme

Start a rhyme and take turns adding lines that rhyme, creating a silly poem together. This is a fun way to practice wordplay and listening skills.

8. “What if…?” Questions. 

Pose thought-provoking questions that start with “What if…?” For example: “What if animals could talk?” or “What if we lived on the moon?”. Encourage kids to use their imaginations and explore different possibilities.

9. “Favorites” Chain Game

Start by saying your favorite animal. The following person says their favorite animal, then adds something they like about the previous animal. Continue the chain, creating a silly connection between favorites.

10. “Would You Believe…?”

Share surprising or interesting facts and see if the other players can guess if they’re true or false. This can spark curiosity and a love for learning new things. 

10 Fun Conversation Games Online

When you are alone, and there is no one to accompany you, you can search for online games to kill time.

Here are my favorite ones;

1. Jackbox.TV Party Games

These award-winning online party games offer a variety of hilarious prompts and question formats, perfect for groups. They can be played through web browsers or tablets, and there are options for both paid and free games.


This classic online Pictionary game lets you draw and guess with friends. Choose a word, draw it on the screen, and have others guess what it is. It is simple and perfect for a quick and fun online game session.

3. Drawphone

It’s similar to but with a twist! Players take turns drawing based on prompts or interpretations of the previous drawing. The final result is often hilarious and unexpected.

4. Word Association Games

Many online platforms offer word association games. Players take turns saying the first Word that pops into thWordhead based on the previous Word. See where the chWordof thought takes you!

5. Collaborative Storytelling

There are online platforms and forums dedicated to collaborative storytelling. Start a story with a sentence or two, and others add on, building a unique narrative together.

6. Trivia Nights

Many websites and apps host online trivia nights on various topics. Gather your friends virtually, form teams, and test your knowledge!

7. Would You Rather… Polls

There are numerous online poll creators. Make your own “Would You Rather…” questions and share them with friends. Discuss the results and see how everyone voted.

8. Netflix Party or Teleparty

Watch movies or shows together virtually while chatting and reacting in real-time. Platforms like Netflix Party and Teleparty synchronize playback and add a chat window for online discussions.

9. Online Debate Platforms

Debate platforms like Reddit’s Change My View or dedicated debate forums allow you to choose topics and discuss opposing viewpoints in a structured format.

10. Social Media Games

Many social media platforms have built-in games like quizzes and polls. Use these features to spark conversations and friendly competition with your online friends.

Conversation games for parties

Why not have some conversation games at family gatherings; here is a list of conversation games you can play at the family dinner table;

1. Most Likely To…:

Write down funny or quirky personality traits on slips of paper. Players take turns drawing a slip and guessing who in the party will most likely exhibit that trait. Laughter and playful arguments are guaranteed!

2. Backward Charades

This twist on the classic game adds a challenge. One person acts out a scene or famous moment but in reverse order! The others have to guess what it is as the actions unfold backward.

3. Describe It in One Word

Gather a collectiWordf random objects (a spoon, a toy car, a scarf). Players take turns picking an object and secretly studying it. Then, they must describe it to the group using only one Word. The others try to Word the object based on that single word.

4. Group Story Word

Instead of one person continuing the story, the entire group contributes! Start a sentence, then go around the circle with each person adding a word or short phrase to the story. See where the collective imagination takes you!

5. Hypothetical Situations

Pose funny or thought-provoking hypothetical situations to the group. For example: “You wake up to find your house swapped with your neighbor’s. What do you do?” Encourage creative solutions and outrageous ideas.

6. Celebrity Name Relay

Divide into teams. The first person on each team whispers a celebrity’s name to the next person in line. That person whispers it to the next, and so on. The last person has to say the name out loud. The first team to get the name correct wins that round.

7. Never Have I Ever… But Would

A twist on the classic. Instead of things people haven’t done, players take turns saying things they’ve never done but would be willing to try. This sparks conversation about new experiences and hidden desires.

8. Human Bingo

Create bingo cards with squares filled with exciting personality traits or experiences (“Can juggle,” “Has been to all 50 states”). Guests mingle and try to find someone who fits each description. The first person to get a bingo line or blackout wins!

9. Fact or Fiction

Prepare statements that are either true or false about exciting topics. Players have to guess if each statement is a fact or fiction. This can be done with trivia questions or surprising facts about everyday objects.

10. The Mumbling Game

One person starts by making a nonsensical sentence and whispering it to the next person. Each person continues whispering the sentence, maintaining accuracy around the circle. The hilarity comes from how much the sentence transforms by the end.

conversation games for kids online

Conversation games
conversation games

1. Telephone Pictionary

This online twist on a classic combines drawing and communication skills. It uses a collaborative drawing platform, where players take turns adding to a picture based on whispered instructions. The final result is often wacky and surprising!

2. Would You Rather… (Animal Edition)

Think up silly “would you rather” questions geared toward animals. For example: “Would you rather have wings like a bird or a tail like a monkey?” This keeps it engaging for younger audiences.

3. Emoji Charades

Use emojis to act out a phrase or short story. Kids can take turns describing the emojis or acting them out for others to guess. This is a fun way to practice visual communication and build vocabulary.

4. Online Scavenger Hunt

Create a virtual scavenger hunt using a shared document or online platform. Hide clues or riddles that lead to websites, online games, or hidden messages within a safe online environment. The first one to complete the hunt wins!

5. Storytelling Chain with Pictures

Similar to group storytelling, but with a visual element. Start a story with a sentence and a picture (drawn online or uploaded). Others take turns adding a sentence and an image to build a collaborative story together.

6. Virtual Show and Tell

Encourage kids to share their favorite toys, hobbies, or collections online. They can describe their treasures and answer questions from others. This fosters a sense of community and celebrates individual interests.

7. Guess the Object (Sound Edition)

Find online sound clips of everyday objects (doorbell, phone ringing, car horn). Play the sound for the group and have them guess the object that makes the noise. This is an excellent way to practice listening skills and memory.

8. Online Mad Libs

Use online Mad Libs generators or create your silly story template with blank spaces. Players take turns filling in the blanks with different words (nouns, verbs, adjectives) to create a nonsensical and funny story.

9. Virtual Pictionary with Prompts

Use an online drawing platform with a chat function. Instead of free drawing, have players choose a category (animals, objects, foods) and then use the chat to give additional prompts to help guess the drawing.

10, “Finish the Rhyme” Challenge

Start a rhyme online and take turns adding lines that rhyme, creating a silly poem together. This is a fun way to practice wordplay and listening skills virtually.


Conversation games are more than just fun! They’re like little powerhouses that can boost your communication skills in many ways. 

Imagine playing a game where you must describe something your teammate must guess. This fires up your ability to explain things clearly, right? That’s precisely what conversation games can do. This activity strengthens when you have to think on your feet and express yourself well while also taking constructive feedback.

And it’s not just about talking! Listening is key, too. Whether you’re following clues in a guessing game, figuring out the best strategy, learning problem-solving skills, or improving communication, these games can provide a range of topics and a platform for team members, making you a better listener.

These games can be a game-changer for team-building activities, especially those that foster teamwork and build rapport. They might also serve as an icebreaker for colleagues working in different departments. 

They get to know each other better and maybe even spark innovative solutions! Imagine brainstorming creative ideas after a “Would You Rather?” round with your coworkers.

So next time you’re stuck on a long car ride or need a break at the office, ditch the mindless scrolling and grab some conversation games. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn and grow while having a blast. They’re a win-win for everyone involved! 

These are examples of conversation games.
If you have a unique list of fun and engaging conversation games, share it with me in the comments. 

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What are some conversation card games?

Conversation starter cards are fun! Draw a card, answer the question, and tell a story based on it—easy! Play in groups on game nights! Tell a story together; each card adds a twist! Debate silly choices or draw a funny picture based on the cards. Fun for everyone! 

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