Signs You Are A Woman with Too Much Masculine Energy

Are you a woman with too much masculine energy? You are not alone. 

Being diagnosed with chronic disease in the formative years of my life, I planned with some strict rules to be followed to move ahead in my life. As a result of those rules, I followed the way to being highly independent, overly ambitious, and hyperactive, not realizing how it was going to impact my femininity.

When you have an imbalance of energy, you might become highly competitive and assertive. You value success over emotions and relationships. You may also take charge and try to control things, which can lead to imbalance and overemphasis in your masculine and feminine energy. A woman with too much masculine energy experiences stress and anxiety,  poor health, and alienation. 

It can also make you aggressive, impatient, hyper-independent. These traits can be useful, but a constant drive to excel and compete can lead to burnout and chronic stress. If you have these traits, you need to recognize the signals of too much masculine energy and balance it. In this article, I will discuss the indicators of identifying women with too much masculine energy and how to cultivate their feminine energies for a more balanced and meaningful life.

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Signs You are a Woman with too much Masculine Energy

If you feel an imbalance of feminine and masculine energies in yourself based on the following signs;

You may be familiar with the concepts of “masculine” and “feminine” energy. These characteristics are not specific to males or women; they are present in everyone. Masculine energy shows the characteristics of assertiveness, goal orientation, and a concentration on accomplishment and success. Woman with too much masculine energy traits are unbalanced or wounded feminine energy. As a result, they suffer to maintain healthy relationships. 

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Common Misconceptions

Some myths exist regarding women with too much masculine energy. One common misperception is that they are not feminine. However, femininity is not defined by masculine energylessness. Indeed, a good balance of masculine and feminine energy promotes well-being.

Another myth is that masculine-energy women are uncaring. Being loving and compassionate is not limited to women. Women with too much male energy may show these attributes by helping and solving problems.

Role of Masculine energy

Masculine energy is one of two energies.  With its emphasis on action and results, masculine energy is frequently considered stronger, bolder, and more independent. Energy motivates us to act and decide. Without masculine energy, we may struggle to reach our goals and progress.

A woman with too much masculine energy can be problematic. It can make her appear aggressive, controlling, and competitive. She may also overlook her relationships and emotional needs to achieve her ambitions.

A woman with too much masculine energy must balance her masculine and feminine energies. Doing so helps you achieve your goals and maintain your emotional and relationship health.

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Woman with too much Masculine Energy at work

A good mix of skills and traits is often needed to do professionally. But what happens when a woman has too much masculine energy in the workplace? In a world where male ideals have generally shaped corporate cultures, it can be hard for women to find their way around. You’re not the only one who feels you have too much male energy at work.

Signs of excessive masculine energy at work:

  • highly focused and competitive
  • pushing yourself too hard
  • obsessive with work
  • you can’t relax
  • forgetting yourself 

Don’t forget that everyone has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Focus on creating your unique work style that builds on your strengths, helps you build relationships, and helps you reach your goals instead of trying to fit into a mold of “masculine” or “feminine” energy.

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Woman with too much Masculine Energy in Romantic Relationships

Some masculine traits, like being determined and a leader, can be good for a relationship. But too much of them can cause imbalances that make it hard to connect emotionally and intimately in relationships:

  • you have trouble expressing yourself
  • you act aggressive 
  • You are overly dominating and controlling.
  • you take the driving seat always
  • Your guy feels worthless as you tend to be hyper-independent
  • obsessive
  • always chasing goals
  • It’s hard for you to get intimate. 

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 Woman with too much Masculine Energy in Relationship with herself

  • feeling disconnected from your emotions
  • poor self-esteem, looking for validation from the outside
  • excessively critical of oneself
  • constantly organizing and planning
  • Preference for solitude 
  • heightened sense of self-reliance.

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Woman with too much Masculine Energy in friendships

  • Difficulty connecting emotionally with others.
  • Fear of judgment
  • hard to build deep bonds
  • appearing icy
  • showing off
  • not expressing any need 

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Reasons: Why do women express too much masculine energy?

Women can show excessive masculine side energy for several reasons. It is noteworthy that there are a variety of causes for this and that personal experiences may differ. The following are a few typical elements:

  • Impact of growing up in a primarily male or masculine setting.
  • Restricted exposure to female role models or influencers.
  • Professions that place a lot of focus on traits often associated with men.
  • Pressure to adhere to aggressive and competitive gender norms that are prevalent in traditional male-oriented society
  • Coping strategies developed in reaction to difficult or negative life events.
  • A belief that being feminine could be interpreted as a sign of weakness.
  • avoiding emotional exposure or vulnerability in favor of a barrier of masculine vitality
  • Unconsciously adhering to established practices without taking individual preferences into account.

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How to release”excess masculine energy” 

The idea of “excess masculine energy” varies for everyone, as it frequently rests on binary thinking and gender stereotypes that are not universally relatable. Let’s investigate strategies for achieving energy balance and developing emotional well-being rather than concentrating on labels.

Here are some strategies to think about:

  • Increase in self-awareness
  • You can process your thoughts and feelings more efficiently if you put them in writing.
  • Focus on truly understanding what others are saying without judgment.
  • When you find yourself acting traditionally masculine, please pay attention to how it makes you feel physically.
  • Allowing your feelings and intuition to lead you instead of your intellect or reason.
  • Connect with your emotions and allow them to flow forth.
  • Begin to become more receptive and flexible.
  • Heal the areas of yourself that require compassion and kindness.

Balance your feminine and masculine energy.

Although the ideas of yin and yang can provide insightful understandings of personal energy balances, it’s important to approach them mindfully and refrain from perpetuating gender stereotypes. Rather than concentrating on “stuckness” in either “feminine” or “masculine” energy, let’s examine some integrating supporting activities that will help you create more balance and well-being.

Use these yin / feminine energy practices if you’re stuck in yang energy /masculine energy:

  • Practices like guided visualizations or mindfulness
  • Spending time in natural environments
  • Journaling
  • Energy Healing  
  • Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT)
  • Yoga and Hypnosis
  • Cold showers
  • Moderate to intense exercise
  • healthy boundaries


Is all masculine energy bad?

No, not all of a man’s energy is negative. Attractive traits in many facets of life, such as power, assertiveness, and goal-oriented attention, are brought about by masculine energy. It only becomes an issue when it takes over and creates an imbalance. An individual who possesses a healthy balance between masculine and feminine energy is more adaptable and holistic.

How to balance Masculine and Feminine Energies?

Embracing the positive parts of masculine and feminine energies is necessary to achieve harmony. Acknowledge and value decisiveness, receptivity, and aggressiveness equally. Take part in activities that support both attributes, creating a balanced and comprehensive energy blend. Maintaining this equilibrium improves relationships, resiliency, and capacity for gracefully navigating life.

What makes a woman have masculine energy?

A woman may embody male energy for various reasons, such as upbringing, societal influences, and career pressures. Contributing factors may include social expectations, personal coping techniques, or exposure to male-dominated situations.
It takes self-awareness, embracing feminine traits, and negotiating social standards to express authenticity while preserving personal harmony to balance these energies.

How do I stop being in my masculine energy?

Focus on sensitivity and intuition to change male to feminine energy. Practice yin activities like meditation, creativity, and soft movement. Set limits to avoid overextending. Create space for vulnerability and emotion through self-awareness. Use feminine practices to reconnect with yourself.

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